Resume Revamping

What's your RezScore?

What’s your RezScore?

Within a countless stream of career driven professionals and college students, how well can your resume defend you? It seemed to be a lot less complicated in the pre-Internet age where handing it directly to the potential employer was seemingly the norm. However, in the day and age of interactive cover letters and even Twesumes (Twitter resumes), there is an overflow of crafty resumes oozing with designs and animations. Regardless of origin, there are methods for standing out among the liter.

“Have a hook” 

Having a hook in the beginning of the resume will give employers a phrase to identify with and is a major creative boost. Phrases that are catchy but more importantly relevant to your job search will often appear ingenious to employers.

“Use the right key words”

In terms of resume language, the only thing more powerful than descriptive words are action words. Taking the liberty of throwing more active words into past job titles will make a resume more eye-catching when an employer is reviewing it.

“Tailor it”

As every position has a different supervisor and different culture, it is just as important to customize resumes to befit a specific position as well as possible. Metaphorically speaking, if the position is the main meal then the resume must be the menu.

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