Net-Worthing Your Network

Friends_by_JuliejxkIn terms of pursuing a invaluable job opportunity, the phrase “it’s not what you know, but who you know” has become as much as a professional staple as wearing appropriate business attire. However, the power behind such a saying is still and always will be validated because of one such word–network. It still holds true today, and especially in communication driven industries that individuals with the highest network strength will land the positions that are more highly distinguished. Just as it is important to build a repertoire with a diverse range of individuals, it is equally important to create impactful relationships. One might think “how to?”, but when creating networks, however, it is best to be mindful of quality over quantity.

  1. Always Assist (While this is a general rule of thumb (a.k.a–a kindergarten playground principle), people like and are able to back others that are willing to help them, from a “you scratch my back, I scratch yours” perspective. Getting in the habit of assisting others will help to create a network of loyalties.
  2. Find Friends (Recall what it means to “never meet a stranger”. In this instance, entertaining new social situations is always a sure-fire way to meet new people. This is especially convenient for extraverts and those with outgoing personalities.)
  3. Invest in Others (Being cognizant while also appreciating the time spent with others will prove professionally beneficial in the long-run. Make it a point to facilitate conversations with these individuals while also engaging them with genuine interest.)
  4. Friendly Follow Up (This gesture, which is commonly neglected by some, resonates with people while showing ingenuity.)
  5. Push Forward The Powerful (After building meaningful relationships, examine the clout and authority of acquired connections and use that to an advantage.)

Networking and net-worthing are always successful tactics in any career pursuit, whether communicative or otherwise. For further details, visit the Student Events website.