Broadcast Journalism Careers

One of the most notable industries of our time is the broadcast journalism industry. For decades, journalism professionals have served as the main facilitators for contemporary news and entertainment delivery. Although advancing technologies have dramatically changed the course of industry processes, there is still a distinct range of positions that are modeled for mass communication enthusiasts.


This infographic depicts some of the most prominent positions in the broadcast journalism industry.

This infographic depicts some of the most prominent positions in the broadcast journalism industry.

This above infographic alludes to various positions in the broadcast media industries, and displays some credible information about them, such as the salary they offer as well as some other traits and characteristics that are required for success in the different positions. Ideal positions for entry into the industry are reporters and photographers, which are typically entry level. A little higher on the position hierarchy as roles such as editor and technical writer. However, these positions are tightly knit with reporters and photographers and are yet attainable with a relevant experience base typically of three to five years. Positions of the highest craze however are those such as the web and social media manager, in which internet reporting is integrated. 

Professional in Perspective: Max Negin

In this interview, Max Negin discusses profession changes for journalists and ENG operators in particular, while also discussing industry trends. His expertise stems from ten years plus experience working in the broadcast media industry. In this interview, talking points for discussion include:

  • Required experience for journalists
  • Must-do tips for exemplified work as a journalist
  • Technological implications for broadcast enthusiasts

NewsFlash Mania: The Interactive Navigation through Broadcast Journalism

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To gain further knowledge of industry standards, delve into best industry practice and standards with NewsFlash Mania, the interactive game for assured journalism knowledge.

In spite of notable media convergence, there is still an opportunity to break in and garner success in the journalism industry. With the advent of new media technologies, the most successful industry workers will be mindful of new media capabilities while keeping abreast on reporting tactics in social and mobile media.