Film Careers

The film industry, while also representing a populous of characters, story-lines and motives also entails a vast variety of positions for professional endeavors. Contrary to the belief that the most successful and reputation-driven positions in the film industry are those landed by actors, there are positions behind the rolling films that are far more prestigious. As illustrated below, positions such as art director and even screenwriter are the fuel behind the driving force of both indie and mainstream productions.


This infographic illustrates various positions and potential earnings in the film industry.

Although there are many changes that are currently in the midst, the vast pool of jobs that are still notable in the industry include those in the above-shown infographic. The industry also invariably represents a transcending of traditional media networks to include those of online video networks and peer to peer video sharing networks.  Aside from the ordinary actress, there are still other noteworthy jobs taking Hollywood by storm that are still in high demand.

Professional in Perspective: Richard Gang

In this interview Richard Gang, a former off-Broadway actor and speech pathologist, delves into some of the main concerns for the film industry and what it entails for actors today.

Some of the main points addressed in the interview include the following:

  • The greatest challenges facing the ordinary actor today
  • Broad theories on the art and craft of acting
  • The present role of technology in film

Film Reels: An Interactive Apparatus for Film Enthusiasts

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In the film industry, there are various roles and titles that are associated with various positions and distinctions. Some are Oscar worthy while others are simply for the small screen. Whatever the instance, familiarize yourself with industry practices and terms. Have a lite travel into film ethics with Film Reels, and become more cognizant of production etiquette and character overlay.

Regardless of career pursuits for on camera or behind the screen, there are concise overlaps between creative positions offered in the range of film. Changes incurred across the years have allowed the main course of jobs to become more collaborative while evoking new talent requirements.