Graphic/Web Design Careers

In the arena of communicative industries, the field of graphic and web design is by far the most tedious and unconventional. Contrary to popular belief, most positions in the field of graphic and web design are festered on customer feedback, communication and satisfaction. As many professionals in this field are on the cusp of advancements in the modern web, the industry marks an arena for the highest potential for jobs, often with a very competitive salary.

This infographic identifies some key positions in web and graphic design.

This infographic identifies some key positions in web and graphic design.

The above shown infographic indicates some of the most popular, as well as distinguished positions in the communicative field of graphic and web design. The breakdown of the information tracks the type of duties that are entailed with these positions, as well as the correlated salary. The most creative of positions is the graphic designer, which will often work with editing tools such as Adobe Suite, in addition to maintaining front-end web platforms. However, there is still plenty of room for coding efficiency found in job descriptions for network architect and software developer.

Professional in Perspective: Linda Misiura

In this sitdown interview, freelance design professional, Linda Misiura allures of the nuts and bolts of being an accomplished web-designer and business owner, which includes testimony about the most rewarding and difficult instances of working in such a field. This discussion includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • The systematic approach to gathering and winning clients
  • Effective web design tools
  • Best practices for timely success in the web design

Design & Conquer: An Interactive Walk-Through of Industry Practice

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The Design & Conquer experience (lite) provides an informational tid-bit about web industry semantics and aesthetics. As an include to this game, become acquainted with basic website functionality and principles of design. In addition, identify commonly used font types and confront web design myths and facts.

Positions in web design, while prestigious entail very schedule oriented lifestyles that is completed most successfully with patience for troubleshooting applications as well as a passion for web content creation. Successful design professionals will bear an appreciation for classic design aesthetics and will leverage contemporary art ideals with advancing web technologies.