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The Public Relations and Advertising Industry is rightfully noted as one of the fastest growing industries for college outed career professionals in the country. As a common gesture of this industry, an extraverted personality and quick-minded rationale is necessary for industry success. Some position in the field are designed for business advancement, while there are still others that are more customized for brand and NGO promotion. For names sakes, attached is an infographic that entails some of the most noteworthy jobs that labeled PR professionals attain.

This inforgraphic entails some of the highest paying positions in the public relations field.

This inforgraphic entails some of the highest paying positions in the public relations field.

The a foreshown infographic highlights some of the most notable positions in the industry. Some of the highest paying to date is that of the promotions manager and the event planner, which can involve salaries heavy-hitting in the mid $60-$70,000 range. These positions are not entry level, and often require five to ten years of relevant experience. Other popular positions include the public relations specialist and the advertising sales agent. However, college-educated hopefuls can easily break into the industry through advertising and marketing outlets, which is increasingly being coupled with social media strategy.

Professional in Perspective: Lars Bredahl

This interview involves an intimate sit-down with Lars Bredahl of the marketing/public relations company Eckel & Vaughan in Raleigh, North Carolina. In this interview, Bredahl alludes to some of the day to day expectations of being a digital marketing specialist as well insight into working and building relationships with clients. Some of the discussion takeaways include:

  • Steps entailed to building client relations
  • Social platforms used in initiating marketing campaigns
  • Successful personality types for job placement and advancement in public relations

SocialInc: An Interactive Experience to PR Professionalism

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Become more familiar with some of the industry practices with the interactive walk through of SocialINC, an interactive crash course that provides some insightful information into notable PR and advertising campaigns and strategies. Through this interactive course, become accustomed with the historical figures that influenced advertising, learn principles for writing PR pitches and be introduced to some of the most popular social platforms in Web 2.0.

With an exponential growth in startups, there are many businesses emerging that are in need of quick-witted public relations professionals to adequately convey their messages to the public. With that, public relations and advertising professionals enjoy luxuries of a more diverse job pool that incorporates traditional business interactions and still allows for creativity.